Capabilities and Expertise


The GEOM team consists of experienced GIS Analysts, Earth Observation Scientists, Biologists, Software and Hardware Computer Scientists and licensed UAV pilots who have combined experience using a variety of geospatial datasets.

The team is backed with a plethora of equipment for field and laboratory-based work and equipped in applying this knowledge across many sectors. GEOM staff are skilled in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms using both open and commercial licensed software platforms.

Equipment & Facilities

  • Drones, Sensors and Scanners
  • GPS Surveying Equipment
  • Phenomics and Genetics Laboratory
  • Robotics Laboratory¬†
  • High Performance Computing Laboratories
  • DNA Sequencing Laboratory¬†
  • Commercial and Open Source Platforms

  • Academic Leads
  • Earth Observation Scientist
  • GIS Scientist
  • Hardware and Software Engineer
  • Biologists
  • Project Manager
  • Licensed UAV Pilots

Invasive Species Mapping

Monitoring Livestock Behaviour

Digital Tourist Guide

Sensors on Livestock Farms

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