Equipment & Facilities

GEOM has access to field equipment and laboratory facilities that include a range of drones, sensors, scanners, spectrometers and surveying instruments, high performance computing facilities, robotics and biological laboratories



  • DJI Mavic, Phantom and Matrice
  • Skywalker
  • Bramor

GEOM offers drone surveys as part of data collection in the feasibility projects with SMEs and organisations, and our large selection and accompanying sensors means GEOM can meet your cross sectorial business needs. Our small to medium-weight drones are designed for high-resolution data capture and operated by our experienced and licensed pilots. The data and maps produced from the surveys we conduct are analyzed to make sense of the environment, support decision-making that will eventually improve efficiency and returns on your investments. Our drones include fixed, multi rotary wings and quadcopter UAV systems that can be fitted with our RBG, multispectral, lidar sensors and video cameras.

Scanners and Spectrometer


  • MICROTOPS II Sun Photometer
  • Zeb1 Indoor Mapping System
  • STS Spectrometer series
  • FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res

GEOM has access to soil moisture network sensors, our field spectrometers models include FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res, STS Spectrometer series and MICROTOPS II portable Sun photometer and are available for use. They are designed for faster, more precise spectral data collection. GEOM’s Terrestrial Laser Scanners is the Zeb1 Indoor Mapping System. It is a fast, high-precision data acquisition device used for 3D data capture. They are practical for indoors, inaccessible or difficult outdoor terrains like caves, mountainous topographies, confined spaces like vehicles, caves, buildings etc where GPS are problematic to acquire. They are useful for micro air monitoring, an inspection of infrastructure etc.

Computing and Laboratory Facilities


  • Robotics Laboratory
  • High Performance Computing Research Laboratory
  • Genetics & Ecology Laboratory
  • DNA Sequencing Laboratory
  • Teaching and Workshop Laboratory

Our Computer Science, Biology and Geography laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and computer facilities for research, teaching and workshops. Our facilities include the Robotics Laboratory; High Performance Computing Research Laboratory; Genetics and Ecology Laboratory and DNA Sequencing Laboratory. They are available for use in your feasibility projects and workshops when needed.



  • QGIS and plug ins
  • ESRI
  • Python
  • Java and JavaScript

GEOM has the technical capacity to operationalise your projects using mainstream Commercial Software and Free and Open Source software. Our commercial software that we work with include Erdas Imagine, IDL ENVI, eCognition, Gamma, ESRI products, ISIS flood modelling software, Lecia Cyclone, Tableau etc. We develop and write programs using Python, C++, Java and JavaScript, R, MySQL, GDAL, PostGIS. GEOM also works with software developed and supported inhouse like RSGISLib, SPDLib, ARCSI and KEALib.

GPS Survey Equipment


  • TRIMBLE GeoExplorer 7
  • TRIMBLE R8 GNSS System
  • Leica total station
  • Leica Scan Station

GEOM also has the handheld TRIMBLE GeoExplorer 7 and the scalable TRIMBLE R8 GNSS system differential GPS (dGPS) platform and offers real time positional accuracy correction. They are useful for projects in locations where precision is a key requirement and their combination means we can work in both accessible and inaccessible project locations



  • Hyperspectral Camera Sensors
  • RGB Camera Sensors
  • Thermal Camera Sensors
  • Multispectral Camera Sensors

GEOM has access to a range of Lidar, Hyperspectral, RGB, Thermal and Multispectral UAV camera Sensors. Our range of sensor types means we are capable of supporting industrial and scientific grade feasibility project applications in accessible and difficult to reach places for long exposure times and all year round and can be mounted on our drones and other unmanned vehicles.


10 to 250 employees
Turnover less €50M
SMEs in West Wales and Valleys
Any Partner Organisation


Environment and Conservation
Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Utilities and Infrastructure
Transport and Logistics

Type of Support

Spatial Data Analytics
Feasibility Studies
Laboratory Experiments
Fieldwork Surveys

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