The GEOM team consist of experienced Academic leads, GIS, Earth Observation, Biologist, Software and Hardware Scientists as well as UAV licensed pilots ready to work for your company and organisation. They bring in industry and academic experience cutting across many sectors such as Agriculture, Farming and Plant Health; Architecture, Engineering and Construction; Tourism and Videography; Crime and Public Safety; Environment; Insurance; Education; Banking and Finance; Manufacturing; Real Estate and Property Management; Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation; Utilities and Infrastructure; IT and Computing; Transportation and Navigation; Logistics and Planning; Health and Human Services; Public Affairs; Surveying and Remote Sensing; Industrial Inspection; Wild-Fire Management; NGO support missions; Construction-Site Monitoring and Disaster and Hazard Management. The GEOM are therefore able to bring in these varied experiences to support your sector.

Dr Pete Bunting, Project Director

Pete has research expertise in computational processing of spatial data, focusing on developing and providing software tools and techniques for understanding change in ecosystems through integration of ground, airborne and spaceborne remote sensing and modelled data. Pete has over £800k of research income from sources that include UK research councils, EU Horizon 2020, international space agencies and industrial collaborations. Read more about Pete here

Jack Cook, Earth Observation and GIS Analyst

Jack expertise is in Earth Observation and Remote Sensing application that include biomass mapping, ecological modelling, WebGIS, Advanced GIS Analysis, GIS programming, land use mapping and change detection, image processing (optical, radar and aerial photographs). Jack has a Physical Geography Degree and MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS. Read more about Jack here.

Dr. Georgina Ettritch, Earth Observation and GIS Analyst

Georgina specialises in Earth observation applications in geomorphology and hydrology with specific interests in spatial data analysis, image processing (Optical and Radar), land cover mapping and change detection, hydrological/hydraulic modelling and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation and enhancement. Read more about Georgina here.

Rhys Hale, Project Administration and Finance Officer

Rhys joined the GEOM team in August 2019 as a part time Administration and Finance Officer. Rhys has prior experience as an administrator having run a clothing manufacturing company in a partnership since 2014. Read more about Rhys here.

Dr Andy Hardy, Academic Lead (Geography)

Andy’s expertise is centred on the use of remote sensing for mapping and modelling biophysical parameters including applications related to land cover dynamics, hydrology and malaria vector ecology and public health, using a range of systems from optical/radar satellites to manned aircraft and drones. Andy has over £12 million in research funds from UK Research Council, Innovate UK and industrial partnerships. Read more about Andy here


Anne Harris, Project Finance and Administration Officer

Anne is an experienced administrator and has worked in several institutions in the locality including Dysgu Bro Ceredigion, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales, Natural Resources Wales and Coleg Ceredigion. Read more about Anne here.

Marie Kelly, Technical Project Manager

Marie brings vast geospatial consultancy experience conducting, managing and delivering over 35 collaborative projects in a wide variety of applications locally and internationally. Marie has most recently been working as a research development officer for IBERS (AU) supporting grant submission and writing bids for EU funded, Charity and Research council bids. Read more about Marie here.


Dr Frederic Labrosse, Academic Lead (Computer Science)

Fred’s expertise focuses on computer graphics, image processing, computer vision and robotics, specifically in the area of autonomous, off-road, navigation. This includes autonomous driving on ill-defined “roads”, cross-field navigation and topological mapping and planning. Current projects include autonomous ill-defined road driving and providing sensor suites for the Mars Terrain Simulator of the ESA ExoMars 2020 mission. Read more about Frederic here.

Manoj Lokare, Research Associate

Manoj has experience in research, development and application in GIS, Image processing and Remote Sensing. This includes Mobile and Web GIS applications, GIS Automation, Spatial database development and management, spatial analysis, Image Processing & Remote Sensing Applications using machine learning and computer vision technologies. Read more about Manoj here.

UAV Monitoring, Observation Drones, Fieldwork Studies, Topography in Agriculture,

Dr. Odin Moron-Garcia, Research Assistant

Odin has academic and industry experience. This includes specialising in genetics, development of software and computational models for ecological processes, cellular automata modelling, computer vision for plant shape and their interaction with the environment. Other expertise includes application of environmental DNA techniques to the quantification of agents. Read more about Odin here.

Dr Anthonia Ijeoma Onyeahialam, Earth Observation and GIS Scientist

Anthonia has industry and academic working experience.  Anthonia’s expertise include applying EO and GIS across human and physical Geography projects. This includes ecological modelling; web based geospatial applications, geospatial data analytics and location intelligence problem solving; development of geospatial data portals and aerial flight planning.  Read more about Anthonia here.

Benjamin Roberts, Hardware Engineer

Ben has been involved in a number of multi-disciplinary projects focusing largely on the design, development and implementation of hardware for agricultural and environmental monitoring, and subsequent data handling. This includes a low-cost radio tracking system for UAVs, an autonomous data relay, and GPS collars for behavioural inference in livestock. Read more about Ben here.

William Robinson, Software Engineer

Will has 12 years of experience in software design and development that include video game graphics engines, Augmented Reality facial reconstruction, and safety engineering in the automotive embedded market. Will is currently studying for an MSc in Advanced Computer Science. Read more about Will here.

Dr Neal Snooke, Academic Lead (Computer Science)

Neal specialises in network technologies, ubiquitous computing and software engineering. This includes model-based reasoning, qualitative reasoning, and software analysis with application to automated design analysis tools for electrical, electronic, network-based, and embedded systems. Neal has authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers. Read more about Neal here


Professor Michael Wilkinson, Academic Lead (Biology)

Mike’s research interests are developing deeper understanding of rapid evolutionary processes that can be applied to crop improvement, policy development or for conservation. Mike’s is also responsible for driving step change science to allow reinvigoration of UK Upland Agriculture. Read more about Mike here.


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